Pesta Law handles real estate transactions and refinances exclusively. Over more than 40 years Lou has assisted clients with the conveyance of homes totalling more than $15 billion dollars in value. We do, however, have an extensive referral network and can recommend local lawyers who practice in almost all other areas of law including wills and estates, matrimonial, litigation, immigration, employment and commercial/corporate.

Other Services And Charges

Additional services may be required on certain transactions that will involve additional costs. These can
  • condominium document review prior to the waiver of conditions (we presently charge a fee of $385 plus GST and disbursements for this service)
  • resolving non-complying Real Property Reports by applying for a relaxation or an encroachment agreement with the municipality
  • bridge finance mortgages (if required)
  • multiple mortgages required for closing including, potentially, on other properties
  • non-resident seller complications

Our Fees

We are happy to provide either an oral or written quote for the legal costs associated with your purchase or sale. While we endeavor to always provide top quality service and client experience, we are confident that our legal fees are very competitive. For example, the legal fee for a sale or cash purchase at a $350,000.00 price would be $900, and $1,100 for purchases involving new mortgage financing, higher fees apply to transactions exceeding $400,000.00. We are required to charge 5% GST on top of the fees. In addition, you will be responsible to reimburse us for any out-of-pocket costs incurred by the firm on your behalf which includes things such as title searches, tax searches, courier charges and land titles registration fees. In some instances, there will be additional costs for surveys (Real Property Reports), Municipal Compliance verification, Estoppel Certificates, or title insurance. Where applicable, these costs will be outlined for you in detail at the time that you secure your quote.

Selling PricePurchase OnlyPurchase & Mortgage SaleNew Mortgage Only
$400,001.00 to
$600,001.00 to
$800,001.00 to
$1,000,001.00 to
Quoted on an individual basis

*The above quotes do not include GST, Disbursements or the cost of a Real Property Report/Stamp
of Compliance or Estoppel Certificate
** Review of Condominium Documents – $385.00 plus disbursements and GST

*** RUSH Closing Fees – Mortgage Instructions received within 7 days of possession – $250.00 plus GST
**** Video Conference Signings are available:

Sale/Cash Purchase – an additional fee of $150.00 plus GST

Purchase/Mortgage – an additional fee of $250.00 plus GST