First – An example of a cylindrical mace head that is hand-carved from dense black-hued stone. The bulky weapon features rows of protruding nodules that encircle the exterior surface, and a biconically drilled socketing hole enabled the head to be securely fastened to the end of a pole. Size: 3.625″ W x 3.9″ H.

Second, with radiating spirals – A grey stone mace head, with a squat form and a tapered central socket. The exterior widens abruptly into a discoid shape with diagonally radiating spikes flowing down its sides. Significantly, the Chavin culture does not seem to have been warlike, and their cultural expansions across the landscape was not violent – at least as far as archaeologists can find – until the very end of the period, when maces like this suddenly become evident. Was this an actual weapon used in war? Or was this a status symbol made to be put into a grave? Many mysteries about this early culture remain. Size: 4.05″ W x 3.55″ H.

Chavin Stone Mace Heads

October 3, 2023


Carving, Stone