Art in the Office

Lou is a collector of art, antique maps of Bohemia and Moravia and Pre-Columbian South and Central American artifacts. Some of his collection of over 800 unique maps and engravings dating back to the 15th century and artifacts as old as 3,000 years are on display at his office.

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Untitled, Young Dancer

Acrylic on canvas. Artist Keegan Starlight. Painted in 2016

Decorated Mapuche Stone Bowl

Pre-Columbian, northern Chile or Argentina, Mapuche people, ca. 1500 CE.

Dancing Bear

Inuit Carving “Dancing Bear”

Oldest realistic view of Prague

Oldest realistic view of Prague known to exist from Hartmann Schedel’s 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle. Woodcut engraving printed on paper

A copper engraving of Prague

A copper engraving of Prague from the famous Civitates Orbis Terrarum (Cities of the known world) in six volumes published by Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg in Cologne Germany between 1588 and 1618

Chavin Stone Mace Heads

Pre-Columbian, North Coast Peru, Chaviv, ca. 900 to 500 BCE.

Map of Bohemia published in 1570

A map of Bohemia included in his atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theatre of the World which is considered the first modern Atlas) by Dutch cartographer Abraham Ortelius in 1570.

Maya Pottery Bowl Skull in Tondo, Kill Hole

Pre-Columbian, Late Classic Maya, ca. 550 to 900CE.

Nazca Pottery Keros – Snakes and Underworld Felines

Pre-Columbian, Peru, Nazca culture, probably Phase 6 or 7, ca. 600 BCE to 800 CE (Feline) and 250 BCE to 125 CE (Snakes).

Kingdom of Bohemia published in 1545

Upside-down map (South on the top and North on the bottom) of the Kingdom of Bohemia published in 1545 by the famous German cartographer Sebastian Munster.

Bohemiae Rosa

Bohemiae Rosa (Bohemian Rose) with Prague in the centre and Vienna on the stem

Pre-Columbian Chert / Obsidian Tools & Blades

Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican, Colima & Aztec, ca. 300 BCE to 1500 CE.

Moche Gold Rondel – Stylized Jaguar Face

Pre-Columbian, Peru (North Coast), Moche Culture, ca. 100 to 700 CE.

Inca Stone Ceremonial Vessel w/ Snakes

Pre-Columbian, North Coast Peru, Inca, ca. 1400 to 1533CE.

Huari Wood Bowl Portrait Faces in Relief

Pre-Columbian, South Coast Peru, Huari (Wari) culture, ca. 700 yo 1000 CE.

Sinu Tumaga Seated Shaman Finial w/ Bird

Pre-Columbian, Columbia, Sinu Valley, Sinu culture, ca. 1000 to 1500 CE.

Prairie Oysters

Bronze by Czech-Canadian western artist Vilem Zach

Chew Chums

Bronze by Czech-Canadian western artist Vilem Zach

Land of the Longknives

Bronze by Czech-Canadian western artist Vilem Zach

Teotihuacan Stone Footed Jar

Pre-Columbian, Valley of Mexico, Teotihuacan, ca. 3rd to 7th century CE.

Too close for Comfort

Bronze by Czech-Canadian western artist Vilem Zach

Tiahuanaco Wooden Kero w/ Lizard

Pre-Columbian, Bolivia, Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku), ca. 400 to 1100 CE.